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Professional Studio Services

We offer a comprehensive range of audio and video production services, along with a team of dedicated musical and technical staff who have many years of professional experience.


Audio Engineering

From pre-production, to high resolution multitrack recording, precise editing, detailed mixing and mastering, we have the expertise to help you get the best out of your music. We cater for all music styles and projects of any size, whether it's a full album, EP, A&R demo, single track, film or tv soundtrack, or even a ringtone. Our engineering services also include state-of-the-art vocal tuning, audio restoration, 5.1 surround mixing, audio and internet format conversion.

Composition & Arrangement

We have a team of talented composers, producers and remix artists who can help bring your musical ideas to life. We also have access to some of the best players in the area including classically trained orchestral and jazz musicians, along with talented rock, reggae, folk, hip hop, and funk guitarists, keyboardists, percussionists, drummers and singers.

CD Mastering

Over the past few years our mastering engineer, Pete Robinson, has been teaching the 'black art' of mastering to undergraduates at the world headquarters of the School of Audio Engineering. Our mastering process takes both a musical and scientific approach that aims to achieve maximum impact and clarity from your music while maintaining the highest sonic fidelity, and we take care to ensure that your masters are compatible with all playback systems and listening environments. This process includes:

  • Critical musical & technical analysis
  • Removal of undesirable noise, clicks hum or hiss
  • Equalisation to ensure maximum compatibility on
  • all playback systems and listening environments
  • Dynamic range adjustment
  • Stereo image adjustment
  • Loudness maximisation
  • Sample rate & bit depth conversion
  • Dithering and noise shaping
  • CD track spacing, markers & fades
  • Red Book Standard CD Masters
  • CD Text, ISRC, UPC and PQ coding
  • Complete session backup and recall
We are always happy to receive projects through the post if you are unable to make it to the session.

Location Recording

In the last few years we have recorded John Butler Trio, The Cat Empire and The Waifs, amongst many others on the main stages @ the Woodford Folk Festival. Our main mobile rig is a state-of-the-art 48 channel MADI recording system with full redundant backup to ensure that every second of the performance is captured in pristine quality. We also have several other mobile setups to suit smaller projects. Full details can be found on the Studios page.

Video Services

We provide professional camera services, video editing, DVD and film clip design & production, as well as event vision mixing with live camera feeds. Visit AV Lounge for some examples of our visuals.

Graphic & Web Design

We also offer graphic design services for your CD & DVD artwork, promo posters, bios, and business cards. We can build promotional websites to showcase your band, music, upcoming gigs, or anything else you want to say or sell.


If you are interesting in learning music production, engineering or composing skills, or just want to improve you computer skills, we can tailor a short course for you.


Bookings & Enquiries - email: studio@crystalgrid.com.au   tel: +(61) 2 6684 0066

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